misty (sweetartist) wrote in anti_ano,

so glad to find you

My name is Misty. I am 26, 5ft tall, and currently my heaviest weight 118. I have struggled with ana, bulemia, and compulsive over exercise and diet pills since I was 16. I ended up in the hospital with heart problems at age 22 and have tried to turn things around since then. I have a more realistic view on what size I should be now, but the bad habits are always tempting. I now have personal training, aerobics, and fitness and nutrition certifications and found that helping others do things the healthy way keeps me more focused as well. Now it's getting hard though because the weight is creeping on. Sadly, I have constent reminders of what I've done to myself. Aside from the heart palpatations, I can't burp without vomiting. My stomach begin to contract when I eat normal size portions, anything greesy, sugary, or salty. I suppose much of that could be phychological from being scared of food or throwing it up for so long. I'm trying now to just eat what I call "clean food" and stay active. If anyone needs any healthy diet tips I'd be glad to help. I'm now going on into the ana communities to try to turn the young girls that are just now choosing that lifestyle. Sadly I think if I can't catch them young they don't want my help.
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